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What Is BizBuilder?

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Our BizBuilder feature takes three areas of Kicksite and puts them all into one place:

  • This new feature combines the information-gathering abilities of Lead Campaigns.
  • The prospecting potential of the Profit Centers.
  • The online capabilities of Agreements, and merges them together with enhanced functionality.

Features of the BizBuilder Forms can help you build your business:

  • Easy lead capture and website integration.
  • Ways to quickly sign in contacts and prospects for special events.
  • Online Drop-in Forms for athletes to sign up for mat time.
  • Waivers for contacts or prospects to digitally sign on the fly.
  • A Profit Generating landing page for Trial Membership sign-ups.

To learn more about how to use BizBuilder to grow your school, check out the rest of our BizBuilder tutorials or send us a message at