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How to Add and Track Association Memberships


PLEASE NOTE: This article is for schools who are members of an association that has an agreement with Kicksite. If your school is not a member of such an association, you will not see the association options in your Kicksite account.

Contact Kicksite by emailing if your school needs to have an association added; Support can advise if this is available to you and can enable the association options if needed.

Also, please note that this article is intended to cover multiple associations, so the association options in your Kicksite account may look a little different than the description or screenshots in this article.


To add a new association membership to a student:

Note: Some associations will automatically generate the association membership when you create a new student. For other associations, you need to add the association membership info as follows.

1. Start typing the student’s name the Search field in the upper-right corner, and click the correct name in the search results to go to the student profile. You can also click the student’s name in the Student List.

2. Click the Memberships tab. If you’re using the new Student Profile view, click the Memberships tab, click Associations, and then click the Add New button.

3. Click (Association) Memberships, and then click Add (Association) Membership.

4. Select the Type, and then select the Start Date and End Date.

5. Click the Add (Association) Membership button.

6. (Optional) You may need to add the student’s association number:

  • Classic student profile: Click Edit Student. In the (Association) Number field, type the student’s association ID number. If needed, select the (Association) Membership End Date from the drop-down lists. Click the Update Student button to save the change.
  • New student profile: Hover over the Assoc. # field until you see a pencil icon (see the right side image below); click to enter or change the number, and press Enter/Return to update the number. You can also update the Assoc. Exp date by hovering over the field and clicking when you see the pencil icon. Type the expiration date or click the calendar icon to select the date. Press Enter/Return.



To view students’ association memberships:

Click Quick Links in the left panel, and then click Association Memberships (under the Memberships heading). (Not all associations memberships are accessible from the Quick Links menu.) Alternatively, from within Kicksite, hover over the Memberships menu and then click (Association) Memberships.

You see a table showing students who have association memberships. Depending on your association, you may have a link to Edit or Delete; you may have a link to Renew the association membership.

Click a student’s name to go to their profile. On the Memberships tab on the profile, you may have more options, such as a Deactivate link to make that association membership inactive. (Not all association memberships will appear on the student profile’s Membership tab.)

You may also be able to view association memberships on the dashboard. Depending on if you’ve customized the dashboard, you may need to scroll down or click the Memberships tab to view the Association memberships module. Click the View More or View All button at the bottom of the module to see more information.