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Prospect and Student Statuses

Prospects and Students can have different statuses in Kicksite, depending on their relationship with your school.

You can manually change someone’s status from their profile, or change one (or more) person’s status from the Student List. Some actions, like inactivating a Trial Membership, can also update someone’s status.

Statuses are helpful when…

Analyzing your school’s performance.

  • For example, seeing how many Leads converted into Trials.

Sending targeted messages.

  • For example, sending SMS messages to only Active Students.

Keeping your system tidy.

  • For example, making sure Inactive Students don’t have active Memberships or Billings.

Knowing which people need to be followed up with.

  • For example, checking which Active Students don’t have Memberships and need to be signed up


Lead: (green) A Prospect that hasn’t scheduled an appointment or started a trial membership.

Appointments: (blue) A Prospect that has scheduled and/or had an appointment (for a trial class, for example).

Archived: (gray) A Prospect that you know is no longer interested, or has been in the system long enough that you no longer wish to try to contact them.

Trial: (purple) A Prospect that’s taken a trial class and/or in a trial membership.


Active: (green) A current Student who is attending classes, and likely has a current membership and recurring billing. (In some situations, they may not have an active membership. For example, a Student who is part of a Family may be included in the Family’s membership, but doesn’t have a membership on their Student profile.

Frozen: (blue) A Student who’s on pause (usually, you’ll inactivate both their Recurring Billing and Membership).

  • Frozen is considered a subset of Active, because they’ll be returning after the pause.
  • If you know the student won’t come back, or will not return for an extended time, Inactivate them instead.

Inactive: (gray) A former student who’s not attending classes or paying a membership.