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Best Practice: How to Create an Employee Account for Attendance


A best practice is to create an employee account strictly to run the Student Check-In screen. By limiting an employee account to only access attendance features, you help ensure your account’s security in case a student would accidentally hit a back button on the Student Check-In screen.


To create an employee account and restrict access to attendance only:

1. From the dashboard, click your username, and then click Employees. Alternatively, from within Kicksite, click the Employees link in the upper-right corner. You can also click Quick Links in the left panel, click Employee, and then click New Employee.​

2. Click Add New Employee at the top right.

3. Fill in the employee’s first and last name. (Middle name is not required.) For example, you could fill in the First Name as Attendance and the last name as Only.

​4. Click Add Contact Information to add an email address, which is required so you can create a username and password. For this account, you can leave all other fields blank. (Tip: Use a different email address than the administrator’s email address if possible.)

5. After filling out the form, click the Save Employee button.

7. By default, all check boxes for the employee’s permissions are selected. Deselect all check boxes except for Attendances.

8. Click the Save Features and Permissions button to save all changes.

9. Click Invite Employee. A link to set up a username and password will be emailed to the email address you entered in Step 4.

10. Check your email and set up a username and password for the attendance-only account.

You can then use the new attendance-only account to run the Student Check-In screen. On the device you use for checking in, open a browser and go to your Kicksite account. Log in using the username and password you set up in Step 10. On the left panel, click Attendances and then click Check In Screen. Enter the username and password again. (The second log in helps ensure that a student can’t accidentally back into your Kicksite account.)

Tip: If you use the Chrome browser, find out how to create a shortcut to the Student Check-In screen.

Your students can now check in, and your Kicksite account is safer by using the attendance-only employee login.


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