Student Check-in Screen Shortcut (PC – Chrome)

April 16, 2019

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Many schools use a tablet for their student check in screen. This allows for their students to have a place to walk up to when they arrive and sign in. The major concern of school owners is a student getting into the backend of the system. Creating a shortcut to the Student Check-in Screen will remove this worry.


To create the Student Check-in Screen Shortcut

  1. The first step is using an employee account to sign in to the Student Check-in Screen.
  • *Note* If you don’t have an Employee in your system, you can create a fake employee account that only has access to Attendance

2. Once you have logged into the Student Check-in Screen, the next step is to click the menu button, which is the three vertical dots at the top right of the page, next to the URL bar

3. In the dropdown menu, hover over More Tools and the click on Add to desktop…

4. Clicking this will open a popup window which will allow you to give a name to this shortcut. After you have decided a name, click Add

  • You can use this newly created shortcut to open your Kicksite directly to your Student Check-in Screen without giving the students the ability to leave this page

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