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How to Set Up the Attendance Awards


One of the keys of student retention is keeping your students engaged and hungry. Kicksite assists in this area by helping you recognize and reward your students for regularly showing up to class each month.

The Attendance Awards feature keeps track of students’ attendances each calendar month, starting from the 1st. If students attend the required number of times to earn an award, Kicksite will automatically send each qualified student a congratulatory email and add a medal icon by the student’s name in the Student Check-In screen. (Keep in mind that Attendance Awards are separate from Testing Eligibility.)

Click the following link to watch the video about how to set up Attendance Awards.


First Steps

Before you can enable Attendance Awards, you will need to create new programs and add ranks and belt graphics.


To add Attendance Awards requirements:

1. On the left panel, click Quick Links, click Settings, and then click Attendance Awards.

*Detailed information about Attendance Awards is explained in the image below.

2. Select the Enable Attendance Awards check box.

3. Enter the number of classes students must attend for each program to earn a bronze, silver, and/or gold medal.

For example, if students in a program typically attend two times per week, you might enter 6 attendances for bronze, 7 attendances for silver, and 8 attendances for gold.

4. (Optional) Edit the default message text for the notification email.

When a student reaches enough attendances to be issued an Attendance Award, they will be sent an email congratulating them. Be aware that this message will be the same for all medals that are issued, regardless of the program they were issued for.

Note: The email templates include “hooks” or “tokens” such as ((student_name)), that will let the system pull the corresponding information from that student’s profile. A list of these “hooks” or “tokens” is available above the Attendance Awards on/off check box.

5. Click the Save Attendance Awards Settings button.​

Kicksite begins tracking attendances for the Attendance Awards:

    • As soon as a student earns an award, they will see it displayed on the Student Check-In screen.
    • The medal icon on the check-in screen so their achievement will be visible for everyone.
    • Attendance Awards reset at the first of every month and new medals are awarded based on the previous month’s attendances.


What’s Next?

If you haven’t already, set up an employee account for attendance tracking, and start using the Student Check-In screen. You can also take attendance using the Mass Check-In screen.