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New Finances: How to Add a Payment Method


This article covers the new, uplifted finances, which is currently only available to select customers.

If you’re just getting started with finances in Kicksite, we recommend that you review Finances settings.

What do you need to do?


One of the first tasks you will do to collect payments is to add a card number and save it to a student. Formerly, the saved card was called a Vault Item; in the new finances, this is more accurately called a Payment Method.

Note: If you do not process payments with Kicksite, you will not be able to enter or save credit card or ACH information.


How to add a Payment Method

You can add a Payment Method (formerly called a Vault Item) from the student’s profile page or from the Finances page.

1. From the student’s profile: On the Finance module, click Add New+ and select Payment Method. From the Finances page: Click Finances in the left panel, click the Payment Methods tab, and then click the Add New button. Start typing the student’s name in the Student/Family field, and select the correct student or family from the search results.

The rest of the steps are the same, whether you started from the student’s profile or from the Finances page.

2In the Card Number field, type in the card number.

3. In the MM/YY field, type the card’s expiration date. Be sure to use a leading zero if the month is a single digit (for example, type 01 for January).

4, Type the CVV number (found on the back of the card) in the CVV field.

5. Type the billing Zip code in the ZIP field.

6. (Optional) Type a brief description in the Label field. For example, if a student has more than one card to store, you can use the Label field to note which card should be used to pay for memberships and which card is for other purchases.

7. Click the Add button.

Alternatively, ask your students to log into their Member Portal and enter their own card / ACH information.

Keep in mind that once a Payment Method is created, you can only edit the label or delete the Payment Method. (This is to ensure that the Payment Method is valid.) If you need to update a card, for example, to change the expiration date, you will need to add a new Payment Method.


How to edit or delete a payment method

(**Note: The functionality to add or edit a Payment Method is incomplete as this article was written on 3/6/23, but the functionality will be added soon.)

A student can add a new payment method from their member portal. However, the student can not delete a payment method. This is to ensure that if they have a recurring billing, the recurring billing always has a payment method attached.

Read on for the steps to edit or delete a payment method.

1. Find the payment method that you need to change or remove; you can find it in two places:

  • Click the Finances icon in the left panel, and then click the Payment Methods tab. You can sort by the Source or Updated column to more easily find the payment method that needs changed.
  • Go to the student’s or prospect’s profile by typing their name in the Search field, and click the correct result. In the Finances module, click the Payment Methods tab. If they have a lot of payments, you can click the View More or View All button to find the payment that needs refunded.

2. On the Finances page, click the link in the Source column to go to the payment method. The link will have the type of card and the last 4 digits; for example, Visa – 1111. On the student or prospect profile, click the icon for the desired card. The last 4 digits and any label you added will appear on the card icon.

3. The card details appear. You can see payments made for that card on the right side, below Payments History. You can see any attached recurring billings on the left side, below the details. (Note that there were will more information show for a “live” card; the screenshots in this article all use a test/fake card.)

4. Click the kebab (three vertical dots) menu in the upper-right corner of the details section (see the above screenshot), and then click either Edit or Delete. (**Note: This menu’s functionality is incomplete and doesn’t delete or edit the Payment Method as this article was written on 3/6/23, but the functionality will be added soon.)