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How to Promote Ranks on the Student Profile


You can promote a student to their next belt rank at any time on the student’s profile page. (Note that the following steps promote the rank for only one student. If you recently had a belt testing event and need to promote multiple students, click the following link for the steps to promote students from the Events page.)


To promote a student’s rank, follow these steps:

1. Start typing the name of the student in the universal search box in the upper-right corner. In the search results, click the student’s name to go to their profile.

2. Click the Promotions tab.

3. Click the Add Promotion link.

4. Select the program in the Program drop-down list; select the new rank in the Promoted Rank drop-down list.

5. (Optional) Enter a score in the Score field.

6. (Optional) Use the month, day, and year drop-down lists to enter the correct Promotion Date.

7. Click the Promote Student button.

If you need to update the date of a past promotion, follow these steps:

1. On the Promotions tab, click Edit next to the date you need to correct.

2. Select the correct date using the month, day, and year drop-down lists.

3. Click the Update button.

If you promoted to a new rank by accident, you can delete a promotion by clicking the Delete link on the line for that rank. Click OK in the pop-up that appears.


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