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How to Convert a Prospect to a Student


When a prospect signs up and is ready to become a student at your school (congratulations!), you need to convert them from a prospect into a student in Kicksite. (If the new student is not already entered in Kicksite as a prospect, we recommend entering them directly as a new student to save a few steps.)


First Steps

Before you can convert a prospect to a student, they need to be in the system as a prospect. You might have entered a new prospect, or they may have come to you from a Lead Capture form and Landing Page.


To convert a prospect to a student:

1. You can convert a prospect to a student from the Prospect List or from the prospect’s profile.

  • Prospect List: Click Profiles and then Prospects¬†in the left panel. Find the desired prospect, click the status drop-down list, and select Student.
  • Prospect Profile: Type the prospect’s name in the search field and click the correct result. Click the status drop-down list, and select Student. (The animation shows converting a prospect from the profile.)

Converting a prospect to a student from the prospect's profile.

2. If you haven’t added the prospect’s birthdate, you will be prompted to enter it. Click the Convert¬†button.

If you converted from the Prospect List, click Profiles and then Students in the left panel and click the new student’s name to go to the Student Profile page; alternatively, type their name in the search box and click the correct student in the search results.

If needed, update the new student’s contact information and add a program/rank. Here’s how to update information on the Student Profile page.


What’s Next?

After you convert the prospect to a student, you may need to add the student to a family, add a membership, add an agreement, and set up a recurring billing for their tuition payments. Also, consider sending a student user account invitation to the new student.