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Membership Management Software that will take your school to the next level. Kicksite offers many essential tools to manage your business more efficiently.

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At Kicksite, we believe an efficient school owner is a successful school owner. Our platform offers the essential tools you need to manage your business and engage your students and prospects. Best of all, Kicksite is very easy to use. You’ll spend less time in the office and more time with your students.

1. Member Experience

Kicksite member portal is not only your own, customizable tool but a way for you and your martial arts students to have open correspondence – leading to higher retention and complete communication with members. Each member will have easy access to their contact information, belt progression, upcoming events, payment history, and instructional videos.

Popular Features

Member Portal
Attendance Check-in

2. Payments

Set the amount and frequency to automatically draft for tuition payments. No more need to chase down checks or cash payment from your students each month.

Popular Features

Recurring Billing
Tuition Collection

3. Communicate / Connect

Our innovative communication tools require very little time and effort to keep your students connected and your prospects engaged. From automated messages, communicating to targeted audiences and marketing message flows, we have the tools you are looking for.

Popular Features

Automated Alerts
Free SMS Texts
General Announcements
Marketing Message Flows

4. Organize and Manage

Spend less time behind the computer and more time on the mats with our all-in-one software that helps you run your business for you. All the tools you need to successfully run and manage your business

Popular Features

Attendance log

5. Growth

Attract more leads and convert more drop-ins with our seamless lead generation experience. Make it easier than ever for your students to register for a class with our Calendly Integration.

Popular Features

Landing Page
Lead Capture
Digital Waivers

6. Customized Martial Arts Tools

Create a custom belt rank system based on your curriculum. Easily track belt rank progression based on custom set criteria such as number of classes attended, skill level and days at rank.

Popular Features

Belt Ranks
Belt Promotion

Great insight from everyday users.

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“Kicksite is the program I use to be able to track students, their attendance, payments, inventory, everything I need. It has made my life so much easier and it can also help you with yours. Not only does it make my life easier but also the students. All they need to do is pick their favorite number for their ID, press go and it tracks how long they have been at the belt for and how many classes they have attended.”


Office Manager
Fight Sports

“Kicksite’s texting feature is just phenomenal. I don’t even call back, I do everything by texting and I have a 90% response rate. In the past, it might have been like a 30% or maybe 40% if I got them to answer the phone. Now it’s so much better. I recommend everyone should watch the demo, take the time to learn how to use it and you are going to spend less time in the office and more time teaching, which is fabulous.”


Corral's Martial Arts

“Partnering with Kicksite has been a huge advantage for the Kansas Taekwondo Association. It enables our clubs to have the best in school management, billing, and student communication. Kicksite has allowed KTA school owners and instructors to focus on the important part of the martial arts… the education. I highly recommend Kicksite to any club, school or association looking to advance their student’s experience and the profitability of their business.”


Taekwondo Association of KS

“Where others have overly complicated navigation systems in place, take multiple clicks to get one thing done, Kicksite blows them out of the water! It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, the reporting tools are amazing, and the marketing tools they have in place for their clients helped grow my academy by leaps and bounds to one of, if not the largest stand alone BJJ school in my state! I wouldn’t use any other software! I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for 5+ years and I look forward to growing more with the help of Kicksite!”


Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu Academy