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Our Mission

Clear Clutter, Sharpen Focus, and Maximize Profits.

The world needs martial arts.  Whether it’s a startup school or a network of schools, the positive impact of martial arts on every community is clear. Every lesson, every training, every kick matters.

But being an impactful and skilled martial artist does not guarantee success in business and let’s be blunt… running a successful business can be tough. How do you measure success?  Is it number of students, gross revenues, square footage of your school, or size of staff?

At Kicksite, we believe the goal for every martial arts business is to simplify, not complicate, so you can focus.  As Warren Buffet says, “Simple is the most effective.”

Think about it: if you have 20 things on your plate, it’s hard to know where to focus. Without a clear direction, your actions are scattered and you end up acting in desperation thinking that maybe just adding more members will solve your problems.  

Kicksite is more than software. We are an approach to business; a clear approach that minimizes headaches and maximizes profitability.

From our clean design and innovative features, to our hassle free process for getting started. Kicksite is setting a new standard that sets up your martial arts school for long-term success.

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Founded on nearly a decade of setting a new standard, Kicksite was developed by martial artists, for martial artists. Every enhancement developed is based on the value it provides Kicksite users. We admire the positive impact you have on your students and on our society. Respect, loyalty, integrity, perseverance, sportsmanship, honesty…. the list goes on and on. Our world benefits from the martial arts and Kicksite exists to ensure your school not only survives, but thrives.

Kicksite is about making you more efficient, saving you time, and improving your quality of life. Our fundamental purpose is to use our business and technical expertise to support martial arts schools and academies in their efforts to further the cultivation of martial arts in communities worldwide. We do this by providing schools with essential tools to simplify common management tasks, engage both existing and prospective students, and enable school leaders to spend more time teaching.

If you want to learn a new discipline, one that can transform your business for the better and make your life much easier, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at Kicksite and learn the discipline of simpler school management.

Our Core Values

Learn the discipline of simpler school management.

With an online service, it can be challenging to know what makes the company tick. Every software company has useful features, but what about the individuals behind the product? How will you be treated after you’ve signed up?

The five Core Values listed below are posted on the walls of our offices and serve to guide us each day. They define who we are as a Company.

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Set a New Standard

kciskite giving icon

Give More in Value Than We Receive

kicksite customer icon

Grow One Customer at a Time

kicksite confident icon

Be Confident, Humble and Gracious

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Have Fun and Celebrate the Journey

The Team


Jason Neef

Travis Abel

Jada Crawford

Hannah Eynard

Claire Goodloe

Jed Imel

Briana Kelly

Ethan Kircher

Mady Koehn

Eden Kurr

Donald Lee

Devin Lewis

Cody McGrew

Pat Mullin

Anthony Quiroga

Dustin Rangel

Chris Reddish

Sarah Roberts

Jean Rogers

Mike Selck

Ryan Troxler

Pamela Weber

Joney Wong

With Kicksite


  1. 1

    Customers Come First

    Kicksite is very simple and user-friendly, and our team is always here to help. The Kicksite Team is patient, skilled and fully committed to ensuring you are receiving a positive return on your Kicksite investment.

  2. 2

    Less Is More

    The great Bruce Lee said it best when he stated, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance”. We focus on giving you only the most essential tools for managing your school. After spending little time with our platform, we are sure you will appreciate the simplicity of the design.

  3. 3

    Superior Value

    Kicksite earns your business each and every day by delivering an outstanding product and unsurpassed service.

  4. 4

    A Higher Purpose

    Kicksite’s focus is on helping school owners build a positive and encouraging atmosphere that engages your students, families and community.



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