Setting Up Automated Alerts

April 16, 2019

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Automated messages can be set up to run when specific things happen (i.e. students membership is expiring or a student’s birthday is approaching).


To set up Automated Messaging:

  1. Hover over Settings and click on Automated Messaging.

2. To turn an automation on, click on the toggle button next to the desired category.

3. Enter a number (in days) for when you want this alert to be sent after the trigger (for example, triggered 1 day after you add a new student).

4. Enter a number (in days) for how often you want to send another email to remind the recipient.

5. Add a subject for the email and a customized body of the email.

  • You can also customize the body section of the email to your liking.
  • Within the body text area, you will see text that has two parentheses surrounding it:
    • These are “hooks” or snippets of text that will be converted when the email is sent.
    • For example, ((student_name)) will be converted to John Doe, or ((membership_program)) will be converted to My Membership Program.
    • If you would like to use a hook that is not there, please let us know and we will consider adding it in.

Available hooks:

  • ((student_name))
  • ((prospect_name))
  • ((last_class))
  • ((membership_program))
  • ((membership_end_information))
  • ((school))
  • ((event))
  • ((event start))
  • ((invoice_id_number))
  • ((invoice_total_due))
  • ((recurring_invoice_date))
  • ((recurring_invoice_total))

6. When you are finished adding automated messages, scroll down to the bottom and click the blue Update Automation Settings button.

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