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Student Profile


The Student Profile is where you go to review a student and to make updates. The new Student Profile better organizes student information and enables you to easily make updates.


To use the Student Profile:

Go to a student’s profile. (Start typing a name in the Search field in the upper-right corner and click the desired student’s name. Alternatively, click Profiles in the left panel, click Students, and then¬†click the desired student’s name.)

Viewing and editing on the Student Profile.

The Student Profile:

The Student Profile is interactive:

  • When you see an upward pointing arrow, you can click it to collapse the section. Kicksite remembers your preference, and the sections will stay open or collapsed when you visit other students’ profiles.
  • When you hover over information in the left column and see a pencil icon, you can click to edit that information.
  • To edit multiple fields, click the kebab (three vertical dots) and select Edit. Make the needed changes and click Save.

Click here for more details on editing information on the student profile.

On the left side of the new profile is the student’s information:

  • Picture: You can add or change the student’s picture.
  • Student info: The student’s name, PIN (their ID number), and status appear alongside the picture. You can click the email, phone, or text icon (under the status) to communicate with the student.
  • Bio: In the Bio section, you see gender, birthdate, address, email, phone, SMS, and belt size. If you want to text a student, enter a mobile phone number in the Phone field, and then click the SMS field. A toggle will appear; click the toggle to On to enable texting.
  • Programs & Ranks: Shows the student’s current program(s) and rank(s). Click Add New to add a new program and rank; hover over a rank and click the red X to delete a current program and rank.
  • Contacts: Parent/guardian and emergency contact info appear here.
  • Family: If the student is part of a family, the other members of the family appear here. Click View Family to go to the Family page. To add a student to a family, click the Add To a Family button. This takes you to the family page, where you can click a family to add a student, or you can create a new family.
  • Notes: Any notes you’ve added to the student appear here.
  • Appointments & Tasks: Any appointments or tasks you’ve set with this student appear here. Click Add New to add an appointment or task with the student.
  • User Account: Shows the username, email, and password (which appears as asterisks) if the student has an active user account. If the student does not yet have a student user account, this section shows the student’s automatically generated username and their email. You can deselect the check marks if you do not wish the student to have access to one or more items in their student user account (for example, deselect Invoices and Payments, and the student will not be able to see financial information). Clicking Create User Account establishes the student user account and sends an email to inform the student. This email provides a temporary username and password, which the student can change after logging in for the first time in My Info. (Click the following link for more information about the User Account section.)


On the right are modules that show the student’s relevant information. At the top, you can click the module name to show only that module, or click Show All to see all modules.

  • Finances: Shows recent financial information. (Note that you will not be able to see all items in this module if you do not have billing with Kicksite.) Click¬†Invoices, Recurring Billings, Payments, Payment Methods, or Reports to see the most recent items. Click Add New and select the desired option to create a new invoice, one-time charge, recurring billing, payment method, or send a payment method invite.
  • Communication: Click the General Announcements or Message Flows tab to see the announcements and flows sent to the student. Click the Email Management tab to add email addresses or change the preferences for email addresses. To add a new email address, click the Add New+ button, type (or copy and paste) the email address, and click the Add New button. To change which email is the primary (that is, the main email address that the student will receive communications at), click the desired email address on the left side of the module, click the Primary toggle, and click Save. To delete an email, click the email address of the left side of the module and then click Delete. Click Delete in the box that appears to confirm the deletion. If you want to restrict which communications the student receives at the selected email address, click Communications Preferences. Click a toggle to turn off a communication type; click Save when you’re finished.
  • Memberships: Shows a list of all memberships attached to the student. You can click Sign Up to add a membership (and, if needed, program and recurring billing) to the student. Click Individual or Family to view the student’s membership or family membership. (If your school is part of an association, you may also see an Association tab.) Click Deactivate or Activate to change the status of a membership.
  • Attendances: Shows the student’s recent attendances. Click Actions to add a new attendance. Click Awards to view the month(s) that the student earned an attendance award. Click Log to view the list of recent attendances. Click View More or View All to see more attendances. Select the check box next to an attendance and then click Delete to remove that attendance.
  • Promotions: If the student has a program with multiple ranks attached, you will see the student’s current rank displayed, along with the number of days at rank and the number of classes attended at the current rank. Click Inactive to see the list of all past ranks and promotions. Click Add New to promote the student to their next rank.
  • Events: Shows a list of upcoming events and if the student has registered for the event. If the event is a belt testing event, shows if the student was promoted from the event. You can click in the Search box and type the name of an event to find a particular event. Click View More to see more events.
  • Agreements: Shows any agreements that the student has signed. You can click Add New to send the student an agreement to sign. Click View More or View All to see all agreements the student has been sent and/or signed.
  • Documents: Shows any documents you have uploaded to the student’s profile. Click Upload to upload a document to the student’s profile.
  • Comments: Shows a list of all comments for the students. Comments are automatically generated by changes to the student (for example, if the student is frozen). Click Filter By to show only relevant comments, depending on what you choose from this drop-down list. Click Add New to add a comment. Click the red trash can icon to delete a comment. Click View More or View All to see more comments.
  • History: Shows a list of all changes made on the student’s profile or to the student. Click View More or View All to see more of the history entries.