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How to Create a General Event

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The Event List will show the user all the events created. Two kinds of events can be created: A General event and a Testing event. A Testing Event will have a [T] listed next to the name of the Event. A General Event could be ‘Movie Night’. A General Event is an event the admin wants the students to know about and register for, but no promotions will be occurring. If the event is a dull blue, it means that the event already happened. If it is a bright blue event, it has not occurred yet. Notice the difference in the image below.

To create a General Event:

To create a new General Event, click the New Event link under Events. If Belt Promotions will be occurring because of the event, the event must be created as a Belt Test Event. To do this, click the New Belt Test Event link. Once an Event is created, edits cannot be made to the audience included in the Event.

If no belt testing will be happening(i.e Movie night, Parents night out, etc), then a regular new event can be created. If the event is a Regular Event, there are different options and settings. Regular Events will have a list of invitees including all types of students and prospects. An Event Fee can be set in a regular event.

Judges, Programs, and Ranks are only available as options for Testing Events. If it is a Testing Event, fees for rank testing will be reflected on this screen. These fees are set in the Testing Eligibility Settings and carried over for a specific program and rank.

Event List Dashboard

The Event List dashboard shows details of the event, including the name, when the event is happening, how many students have registered, how many students are pending for registration, and the percent of success for student registration. The event can be edited by clicking on Edit Event on the right. The event can also be deleted by clicking the Delete button on the far right.

To view the event, click on the Event name. This takes the user to a page that shows all the event information (i.e. students invited, students registered…etc.).

Each student is shaded with a color that correlates back to the status bar of the event as seen above. The status bar also shows how many students are in each category. This is for quick visual recognition of the student’s status in the registration for the event.

It is important to note that the student information, including belt rank, captured at the time of the event creation remains the same in the event regardless of any changes that may occur. The student information is a snapshot of his or her status at the time of creation. If information is changed in the student profile, those changes will not be reflected here. To see those changes, the student would need to be deleted from the event and re-added. To update information such as belt, email, or fees, click on the triple dots next to those fields.

A feature that is helpful in mass promotions or edits to an event is to click the Select All button seen in Figure 8. Once all students have been selected, it is possible to do a Promote for all students at one time. Register, Pay, and Remove from an Event can also be done in mass.

After the testing event passes, students can be promoted on the page by clicking the Promote button in the students’ box. The testing score can also be listed here for their promotion. Students can also be marked as paid for the registration of the event.

Event information can be exported on the right side of the Event page. Belt Order Forms can be exported for ordering and a Belt Testing Document can be exported in case a hard copy is wanted for those students that are about to test.

Event Announcements

Event announcements are not sent out automatically when the event is created. This is so the user can create events in advance and then send out the Event Announcement when it is time for that event. To send out the announcements, click the link under the Notifications section on the right side of the page that says Send Event Announcements.