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How to Create a General Event


A General Event is more, well, general than a Belt Testing Event because it does not involve belt or rank promotion. You can create a General Event for any kind of occasion that requires invitations and registration. Some examples would be a movie night, a seminar, a special test preparation class, a referee training seminar, a self-defense workshop, a parents’ night out, a summer barbecue, a holiday party, and many more.


To create a General Event:

1. In the left panel, click Events and then click New Event. Remember that after you create an event, you can NOT make changes to the audience.

2. In the Title field, type the name of the event.

3. In the Description field, type a description of the event. This is the message that students and other invitees will receive. Note that you have the same text editing options as with a General Announcement. (Optional) Click the Choose File button if you’d like to attach a file (for example, a PDF) to the email invitation.

4. Click the calendar icon beside Date to select a date. (Optional) Click the Add End Date link to add an ending date for a multi-day event.

5. Click the Add Start Time link and use the pop-up to select the hour, minute, and AM/PM for the start time; press Enter/Return when you’re done. (Optional) Click the Add End Time link if the event will have a specific ending time.

​6. (Optional) If the event has a fee, enter the amount in the Event Fee field. If you have billing with Kicksite, you can enable students to pay the fee from the invitation by selecting the check box for Allow Students/Prospects to Register Online Via Emailed Link, and then selecting Optional or Required from the drop-down list in the Make Event Fee Payment __ With Online Registration line.

7. (Optional) To allow the invitees to bring guests, select the check box beside Students/Prospects May Invite Guests. Leave this check box blank if you will only allow students or prospects to come to the event.

8. Select which people you wish to invite in the Invitees section. You can select the check boxes to invite students or prospects by status (for example, to invite all active students, select the Announce to Active Students check box). Or you can click the Announce to Groups or Announce to Programs if you want to narrow down the invitees. (For example, if the event is only for black belts, click the Announce to Programs link, select the check box(es) by the program(s), and click the check boxes to deselect the ranks you do not wish to invite, leaving checks only on the ranks you do wish to invite, such as only black belt ranks.)

9. (Optional) If you’d like Kicksite to send reminders automatically, select the Send Automatic Email Reminders check box. (If you click the Click Here link, a new tab will open and take you to the Automated Messages page. Scroll down to the Upcoming Events section and make any needed changes. Scroll down and click the Update Automation Settings button to save any changes made. You can then go back to your original tab to finish creating your event.)

10. (Optional) Select the Send Event Reminder check box if you’d like invitees to receive a reminder the day before the event.

11. (Optional) Enter a number of invitees in the Event Size Limit field. Leave the field blank if you don’t need to restrict the number of participants.

12. Click the Create button to create your event.

The page refreshes and show the list of invited students and/or prospects.

Event announcements are not sent out automatically when the event is created. This is so you can create events in advance and then send out the Event Announcement when it is time for that event. To send out the announcements, click the Send Event Announcements link under the Notifications section (on the right side of the page).


What’s Next?

After you create the General Event, you can check in the Event List page to see who has registered, who has declined, and more.