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Step 6: Keep Students Connected


Kicksite offers tools to help keep you and your students connected. Keep reading for ways to connect with other Kicksite school owners, to keep your students engaged, and to share media.


First Steps

At this point in your Kicksite journey, you should have your Kicksite account set up, customized, and have your students and prospects entered (see the Step 1 and Step 2 articles). You may also be using Kicksite regularly for attendance, communications (see the Step 3 article), and possibly billing (see the Step 4 article).


First: Connect with the Kicksite Community

The Kicksite Community forum is a great place to connect with other school owners and Kicksite staff. You can also post about and vote on new feature requests. The Kicksite Community is a great place to keep informed on software updates and promotions.


Second: Engage students with events

Kicksite can help you organize and invite students to events. There are two main event types in Kicksite: A belt testing event and a general event.

Use Kicksite’s belt testing event feature to help you plan for your next promotion testing day:

A general event is used for any type of event that you will want to invite students to attend, but will not include promoting students in rank. Some examples are a parents’ night out, a movie night, a birthday party, a self-defense seminar, a black belt testing prep special class, a barbecue, a holiday party, and many other possibilities.

Create a general event for upcoming special events.


Third: Use the media library

The media library can be a great resource for students. You can store videos and documents in the media library, which students can access using their student user account.

You can use the media library for supplemental learning for students, for example, to provide documents with testing criteria. You could provide videos for students to aid in their learning outside of class, such as a video of their current forms. Some schools provide full video lessons, so students can train from home.


What’s Next?

Remember the Knowledge Base has many articles and videos to help you find out how to do tasks within Kicksite. Training videos are also available under the Getting Started tab. You can also request training by contacting Support at