Student User Account

April 16, 2019

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The student user profile is an excellent way to keep your students involved. Their profile will show them information specific to them and, in most cases, is read only so they will not have the ability to change anything.

Things that students will have the ability to view include:

  • General announcements that include them in the audience.

  • Events (Past, Current, and Future) that they have been invited to.

  • All of their membership history, including seeing how many days until their current membership expires.

  • Their entire attendance and promotion history.

  • Any current, closed, or past due invoices that have been created for them. If billing has been set up through Kicksite, the student will have the ability to pay this invoice through their profile.

  • Their billing and transaction history

  • Videos and Documents that you have given them access to see.

The student also has the ability to update their contact information and upload a vault item (if billing is set up through Kicksite).

NOTE: Families will share a user profile so they will all be logging using the same username and password. This family account will show information for all of the family members.

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