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Types of Memberships


You can use more than one type of membership within Kicksite, and you can also attach more than one membership to a student:

  • Memberships can be assigned in the student profile.
  • Multiple memberships can be assigned to a student.

You can use attendance-based memberships like a virtual punch card. For example, you can attach a Private Lesson membership and set the attendance limit at 5 attendances (if the student pre-paid for 5 lessons). Kicksite keeps track of the number of attendances when a student checks in to the selected program.

Click the following links to find out how to create a membership and how to use membership sign up.


​To attach a family membership:

You can attach a membership to a family:

  • Family memberships can be assigned to students.
  • Note that the highest-ranking family member should be attached to the family membership first.
  • After the family membership has been set, other members of the family can be added.
  • Family memberships can be found in the same memberships tab in the student profile.
  • If the student associated with the family membership is frozen or inactivated, the membership must be recreated under the next family member.

To use association memberships:

If a school is part of a martial arts association, and that association has an agreement with Kicksite, you will be able to add association memberships to students.

To add an association membership, click the Association Information section on student profile; hover over the membership number and click when you see the pencil icon. Enter the number. Hover over the expiration date, click when you see the pencil icon, and select the expiration date.


To use membership reports:

The Dashboard has several modules that show membership information: Soon To Expire, Expired, and No Active. (If your school is part of an association, you will also have an Association membership module.)

You can export membership data from each module by clicking Actions and then Export.

You can also export membership data by clicking Quick Links, clicking Memberships, and then clicking School Memberships. Click the Export to Excel button (under Filter Memberships) to export all memberships. (You may need to wait a few minutes for all memberships to load before you export, especially if you have a large number of memberships.)