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How to Set Up Inventory


Kicksite will keep track of how much inventory you have for your physical items.

Click here to watch a video showing how to set up the inventory.


First Steps

You don’t need to use billing through Kicksite to set up the Inventory; many schools prefer to use invoices to record payments. If you do want to process payments through Kicksite, you need to request billing.


To set up the Inventory:

1. Click Quick Links on the left panel, click the Inventory heading, and then click Inventory.

2. To create a category, click the Add New Category+ button.

3. In the Title field, type the category name. (Some examples are Membership Fees, Gear, Testing Fees, Uniforms, or Apparel.)

4. (Optional) Select an option from the Payment Reason drop-down list. This can be helpful later for your financial reports. (If you need to add one or more Payment Reasons, see the end of this article for details.)

5. Click the Add New button.

6. To add an item in the inventory, click in the Name field (where it says Type Here) and type the item’s name.

7. (Optional) If the item is physical, select the check box in the Deliverable column and then type the number of items you have in stock in the Quantity field. If the item isn’t physical (such as a testing fee), leave the Deliverable check box unchecked and the Quantity field blank. (The next time you add the item on an invoice and mark that it’s a physical item, the inventory will update that item’s quantity).

8. Type the price of the item in the Price field.

9. To add more items, click Add Item+ and repeat steps 6-8.

10. Click the check mark or press Return/Enter to finish adding items.


To edit categories or items:

To filter to show just one category (to make it easier to edit the category or items in the category), click All Categories, and then select the desired category from the list.

To remove a category, click the Delete (red trash can) icon in the top-right corner of the category section. Click Delete to confirm.

To make changes to a category or item, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the top-right corner of the category section. To rename the category, click the category name and type a new name. You can select a new payment reason from the drop-down list. Click the check mark to save your change.

To remove an item within a category, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the top-right corner of the category box. Click the Delete (red trash can) icon button on the right of the item. (If you clicked the wrong item, click the green circle arrow to undo the deletion.) Click the check mark to save your changes.

To change the order of an item, click the hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon, and drag the item to where you want it within the category.


To export the inventory:

To export the inventory, click the Export button. Keep in mind that if you are showing only one category (selected from the All Categories list), the export will only include the items, prices, and quantities for that category. If you have all categories shown, the export will show all categories, items. prices, and quantities.


To add Payment Reasons:

1. Click your username in the upper-right corner and then click Settings.

2. Click the Finances tab.

3. Type a name in the field for your new payment reason in the empty field.

3. Click the check mark or press Return/Enter.

Kicksite provides several payment reasons as defaults. You may need to add more reasons to get better results in financial reports. For example, you may want to add Equipment to record payments on taxable items, or add specific membership options such as Online Membership.


What’s Next?

After you have entered categories and inventory items, create an invoice to charge a student. You may also want to review the Invoices Dashboard page.