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How to Set Up Inventory

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Kicksite will keep track of how much inventory you have for your physical items.

Watch the video about setting up your Inventory.


To set up the Inventory:

1. From within Kicksite, click on Inventory in the top-right menu. (Alternatively, click Quick Links on the left sidebar, and under the Inventory heading, click Inventory.)

2. From here you can create categories.

    • Examples include:
      • Membership Fees
      • Gear
      • Testing Fees
      • Uniforms

3. To create a category, click on the New Category link.

4. Type in your new category name, and if desired, select an option from the Payment Reason list, and then click the Create Category button.

5. To add an item, click on the Add Item button.

6. Enter the following information about the item:

    • Name: The item’s name
    • Quantity: The number you have in stock; if none, leave quantity blank
    • Price: The item’s price

7. Click the Add Item button to save your new item.

​Kicksite can help you track your inventory if you enter the quantity of the items you have.

    • For example, under the category Gear, you create an item for Mouth Guards.
    • The item’s name is Mouth Guards, the Quantity is 15 (say, you have 15 in stock in the studio), and the price is $5.
    • The next time you add Mouth Guards on an invoice and mark that it’s a physical item, the inventory will update that item’s quantity (in this case, to 14).

To rename, delete, or move categories or items:

1. Click on the Edit or Delete button on the same line as the category or item.

2. To change the order of a category, click the Move button, and drag the category to where you want it; to move an item, drag it up or down within the category.