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How to Access Account Billing Information

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The Account Billing page allows you to adjust your Kicksite billing plan, view your Kicksite payment history, and update your card on file.

Click the following link to watch the video on Kicksite Account Billing information.


To access your Kicksite Account Billing information:

From the dashboard, click your username, and then click Account Billing.

If you are in another part of Kicksite, hover over Settings and click on Account Billing at the bottom of the menu. Alternatively, click Quick Links in the left panel, and then click Account Billing under the Settings heading.


Plan Information section:

The Plan Information section of the Account Billing page shows your current Kicksite plan. The system will remind you to upgrade if you exceed the number of students allowed for your current plan. Keep in mind that if you wish to downgrade your plan, you will have to do this manually.

The Kicksite plans are based on the number of active and frozen students in your system:

    • Starter Plan: 0-50 students $79/month
    • Plus Plan: 51-100 students $99/month
    • Premium: 101+ students $149/month

Billing Information section:

If you upgrade or downgrade your billing plan, you will be charged the rate for your new plan starting on the next billing cycle.

After you have added enough students into Kicksite to reach the next billing plan, the system will prompt you to upgrade your plan.

You can view or update the card you have on file by clicking the Change/Update This Card link.