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How to Inactivate or Freeze a Student on the New Profile


You can update a student’s status from the new Student List (one at a time or using Bulk Edit). You can also update the student’s status on the Student Profile.


First Steps

This article covers making a student Inactive or Frozen status using the new Student Profile. Here’s how to opt in to the Student Profile.


To update a student’s status on the new student profile

1. In the Search field in the upper-right corner, start typing the student’s name, and then click the correct name in the search results. (Alternatively, click Profiles and then click Students in the left panel, and in the Student List, click the desired student’s name.) This takes you to the Student Profile.

2. Beside the student’s name and picture, click the status drop-down list and select a new status. If the student is Active, you can choose either Frozen or Inactive.

  • Frozen: Choose Frozen if you need to pause a student for a short period of time, typically a month or two. A student in Frozen status will still receive general announcements or automated messages. If the student has one or more recurring billings set up, the recurring billing(s) will be made inactive when they are frozen.
  • Inactive: Choose Inactive when a student quits. If the student has any recurring billings, the recurring billings will be made inactive. Inactive students will not receive general announcements or automated messages (unless you choose to send a general announcement to ALL inactive students).

The following screenshots show the message you see if the student has recurring billings when you change the status to Frozen (left) or Inactive (right).


3. Click the Freeze Student button or Inactivate Student button (if the student has a recurring billing).

Note: Choosing Frozen or Inactive in the new Student List on the new Student Profile does not automatically close the student’s user account (if they have one). If you do not want the student to have access to their student user account, be sure to scroll down on the student profile and click Close User Account in the User Account section.