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Step 1: Get Up and Running with Kicksite

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Welcome to Kicksite!

Right after you open your Kicksite account, you can get started making it work for you. This article provides steps to do the basic customizations needed before you enter students into your new Kicksite account.

Tip: After you open your Kicksite account, bookmark the login page so you can easily log in later.

Remember: You can get help with Kicksite in several ways:

  • Customer Support can be contacted at or 877-372-7950.
  • Training (either one-on-one or group trainings; training videos will be available soon).
  • The Knowledge Base contains lots of articles and videos to help you perform tasks in Kicksite.
  • Kicksite Community is a community platform where you can ask a question, connect, and learn more.


First: Customize your Kicksite account to prepare to enter students

Before you enter students or prospects, you need to:

  1. Edit or create new Programs and Ranks to match your school’s belt system and class types. (This step is necessary because Kicksite needs a program and rank attached to a student in order for the student to check in for attendance.)
  2. Add Memberships to track students’ memberships types and expirations.


Second: Create employee account(s)

Set up a Kicksite employee account for each of your employees.

Even if you’re a one-person operation, a best practice is to create an employee account that you use to log in and run the Student Check-In screen.


Third: Enter students and prospects

You can enter students and/or prospects in two main ways:

  • By data import: If you are coming to Kicksite from previous software, or if you have student or prospect information in a spreadsheet file, Kicksite’s Data team can import that student and/or prospect data for you. (Contact your sales agent or Support at or 877-372-7950 to request an import of student and/or prospect data.)
  • By hand: Use the Add New Student screen and the Add New Prospect screen to enter your students and prospects.

Tip: Enter yourself as a test student using the Add New Student screen (just make sure that the email address you enter for the test student is not the same email as the administrator account or an employee account). This is helpful to test communications and other features later.

If you have families who train together at your school, you can link each member of the family together by creating a family.


What’s Next?

The steps in this article are the bare-bones basics to get started with Kicksite. Continue to the Step 2 article for more customizations.