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How to Create a New Membership


Kicksite uplifted membership options to make memberships even better. Keep reading for details.

Please note: As of this writing, the new options for memberships on Landing Pages (specifically the billing option and program) aren’t available to add to existing students. Memberships are being updated in steps; the first step is to expand the membership options and to enable you (if you have billing with Kicksite) to create a Landing Page for new students to sign up, select a membership, and pay for it all within the Landing Page.


To create a new membership:

1. Click your username in the upper-right corner, click Settings, and then click the Memberships tab.

The Memberships tab shows the list of memberships you’ve already added. You can click the Trial tab to see trial memberships for prospects; click the Individual tab to see regular memberships for students.

Note: If you had memberships previously created in Kicksite, you may see that some fields are blank or show zero. Skip to the next section to find out how to update existing memberships.

2. Click the Add New Membership button.

3. If the membership is for students, make sure the Individual tab is selected (see the animation on the left). If the membership is for prospects (a trial), click the Trial tab. ​

4. In the Title field, type a descriptive name for the membership.

5. (Optional) In the Description field, type a short description of the membership.

If you selected the Trial tab in Step 3, select an option from the Trial Start Criteria drop-down list.

6. Select the Duration options for the membership: Select either the Limited or Attendances option. If you select Limited, enter a number and then select the time frame (Days, Weeks, Months, or Years); Months is selected by default. If you select Attendances, enter the number of classes the student may attend.

If you selected the Trial tab in Step 3, you can select both Duration and Attendances.

7. Select a Billing Option (keep in mind that you need to have billing set up with Kicksite to charge for memberships): Select One Time or Recurring Billing. If you select One Time, enter the Price. If you select Recurring Billing, enter the Price, select how often the bill recurs under Frequency (enter a number beside Every and select a time frame from the drop-down list; Months is selected by default). In the Total Number of Payments drop-down list, select Ongoing (to keep billing until you stop it) or a number of payments.

If you selected the Trial tab in Step 3, you only have a One Time option. Enter the price for the membership in the Price field.

8. (Optional) If you need to apply taxes to the membership, select the Taxed toggle and enter the percentage. (You can update the default option for taxes in Finances settings.)

9. Select an option from the Revenue Stream drop-down list. Most often, you will want to choose Memberships. (You can add more options and adjust the default order for Revenue Stream in Finances settings.)

10. Select the Programs for the membership. Click where it says Select program(s) here and then select the desired program. Repeat as needed to add all programs that apply to the membership.

11. Click the Add button to add the new membership.

The new membership appears at the bottom of the membership list.


To update a membership:

After you create a membership (or several memberships), you can click the three vertical dots on the right to Edit or Delete the membership.

If you click Edit, the membership options appear. Update one or more of the fields as needed. (See the previous steps for details.)

If you click Delete, you see a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to delete the membership. Click OK to delete the membership. (Remember that deleting is permanent!)

If you want to rearrange the order of memberships, click the six dots on the left side of the membership’s row and then drag it up or down in the list.