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Managing a Belt Testing Event

April 17, 2019

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Once a belt test event has been created and students have been added from the Candidates List, you can now manage your event. When you enter the event, you will see a list of all the students that are set to test during the event.

To filter this list, you can use the Status buttons at the top of the page:

  • Pending – Students that have been invited to the event but have neither registered for or declined the event.
  • Declined – Students that have indicated that they will not be attending.
  • Registered – Students that have registered and intend on testing.
  • Registered & Paid – Students that registered and have paid their testing fee.
  • Promoted – Shows students that have been promoted within the event.
  • Show All – Removes all filters.

You can also sort the students by:

  • Age
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Program
  • Using the Sort buttons

The Student Line

Along with the Students name and picture, the students line will show:

  • The program they are testing in.
  • The belt rank the student is currently at and the rank they are testing for.
  • Their primary email address and if they have been sent an event announcement.
  • Any notes for the student.
  • Their status in the event.
  • Their testing fees.

If you need to make a change to the belt the student is testing for, their email, or their testing fees, click the three dots next to the item you would like to update.

Event Details

See the discription of the event, the number of students that hve registered, and the Programs/Ranks that were invited when the event was created.


Send an event announcement to all of the applicable student.

  • Send Default Event Announcenent: Sends an email to the student that includes the title and the discriptions of the event. If you have set up Online Registration, the email will also include a link that allows the students to register.
  • Inclide a Custom Message: Sends the default event announcement along with a custom message of your making.
  • Choose the audience based on the students status.


  • Exports: Pull an export of the entire invitee list or break it down by status.
  • Testing Forms:
    • Belt Testing Document: Export a list of all registered and paid students.
    • Belt Order Form: Export a list of all of the belts needed for the event, including a breakdown of belt colors and sizes.
  • Belt Labels: Print off labels for your belts. These labels are set up by default to print on the 5160 Avery sticker sheets.

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