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How to Use the Prospects Calendar


The Prospects List includes a calendar along the right side of the screen. (To view the Prospects List, click Profiles and then click Prospects on the left panel.)

From the calendar, you can:

  • See the tasks and appointments set for today.
  • Click a day on the calendar to see tasks and appointments for that date.
  • Click the arrows beside the month and year to move the calendar to the previous or next month.

Tasks and appointments are color coded by the prospect’s status:

  • Purple: Prospects on a trial membership
  • Blue: Prospects with an appointment scheduled
  • Green: Prospects in lead status
  • Gray: Prospects in archived status

Further, the calendar helps you know at a glance whether the item is a task or appointment:

  • Tasks appear as an open circle; the color of the ring will be based on the prospect’s status, as described in the preceding list.
  • Appointments appear as a solid circle (again, the color is based on the status).