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How to Create a New Membership

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Kicksite keeps the programs and memberships separated. Think of memberships as how you track the student’s time commitment.

Click the following link to watch the video on how to create a new membership.


To create a new membership:

1. From within Kicksite, hover over the Settings link in the top right menu and click Memberships. Alternatively, click Quick Links in the left panel, and then click Memberships Settings (under the Settings heading).

2. Type the new membership name in the text box. (You may need to scroll down to see the text box.)

3. Click the Add Membership button to save this new membership.

After you create a membership (or several memberships), you can:

  • Rearrange the memberships in any order that you want by clicking and dragging the membership name.
  • Rename the membership by clicking the Rename link, and then typing a new or updated name.
  • Remove a membership by clicking the Delete link.