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How to Create a Membership

Memberships are an easy way to bill a student, and add them to a program, for a certain amount of time. Membership templates are created in settings, then used across Kicksite. Once applied to a student, membership templates are referred to as individual memberships.

Creating a membership template

  1. First, navigate to Settings, then the Memberships tab. You can also search Quick Links for Membership Settings.
    • The Individual tab shows regular memberships, for students. The Trial tab shows prospect memberships.
  2. Click the Add New Membership button.
    • Select between Individual or Trial types.
    • For Trial memberships, select an option in Trial Start Criteria.
  3. Enter a title.
  4. (Optional) Enter a description.
  5. Select a duration.
    • Unlimited
    • Limited Term: A specific time frame, such as 6 months or 1 year.
    • Only x Attendances: Also known as a punchcard, where a student can only attend a set number of classes.
      • Trial memberships can be Limited Term and Only x Attendances – whichever occurs first will end the trial.
  6. Select all related Programs.
  7. Select a billing option.
    • One Time: A single charge, such as for an up-front payment.
    • Recurring Billing: A recurring charge for a set number of payments, or for an unlimited duration.
  8. (Optional) Set up taxes.
    • You can set default tax rates for each billing option in the Finances settings tab.
  9. Select a Revenue Stream. Most schools use a Revenue Stream called Memberships.
    • You can add, edit, and reorder Revenue Streams in the Finances settings tab.
  10. Click Add to finish.

Click the kebab menu (three vertical dots) to edit or delete a template. Deletion is permanent, and will prevent any students or prospects from signing up for it. Exercise caution.

To rearrange the templates, click the gripper dots on the left side of a card and drag. This changes their order in Student Sign-Up and in dropdown menus.

Next Steps

To sign a student up for a membership, use the Student Sign-Up process. You can also add membership templates to Landing Pages, and select them when creating a new student.