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Tip: Use Programs to Track Employee Time


Kicksite does not have an employee time clock function, but you can use programs and attendance to record the date and time when employees check in and check out. Enter the employee as a student (be sure to use a different email address for the student if they also have an employee account), and be sure to select the program(s) you created for checking in and out.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Kicksite to track an employee or instructor’s time:

  • If you need to track the number of classes an instructor or employee teaches, you could create a single program (using a name such as Instructor or similar). You can then later use the Attendance Log page to find the number of attendances, or check the Student Profile page to review the attendances.
  • If you need to track how many hours an employee works, create two programs: Employee Check In and Employee Check Out. After you enter the employee as a student, the employee can then use the Student Check In screen to check in and check out. You can use the Attendance Log page to export a report (for the week, month, or from a start date to end date). You can use Excel to sort and filter the exported report and to calculate time worked. (It’s beyond the scope of this article to provide steps to calculate time worked in Excel.)

If you need more robust employee time tracking, such as being able to automatically calculate time worked and wages owed, you may find it’s better to use another site or app. A Google search should find several options for free, online employee time clock and wage sites or apps.


To create a new program for employee or instructor time tracking:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Settings, and then click Programs Settings.

2. Click the Add New Program button.

3. In the Title field, enter the name of the new program. (For example, Employee Check In.) Optionally, type a little about the program in the Description field.

4. For this program, you most likely will leave the Connected Memberships blank.

5. Make sure that the Ranks drop-down list shows N/A.

6. Click the Add button.

If needed, repeat Steps 2-6 to create an Employee Check Out program. (See the following link if you need to create programs with ranks.)


To add or edit a student:

If the employee or instructor has not been entered into Kicksite as a student, enter them using the Add New Student screen. If the employee is in Kicksite as an existing student, you can add the program(s) as follows:

1. Go to the student’s Profile page. You can type their name in the Search field and click the correct result, or click their name in the Student List.

2. Click the Edit Student link.

3. You may need to scroll down a bit to find the programs. Select the check box(es) next to the program(s) you wish to add.

4. Make any other edits if needed; when you’re finished, scroll to the top or bottom of the page and click the Update Student button.

(If you’re using the Student Profile beta, Step 1 will be the same. From there, scroll down and click Add & Remove under Programs & Ranks. Click the X to the right of a program to delete it. To add a program, click the Add Program drop-down list and select the desired program. If needed, select the correct rank from the Add Rank drop-down list. Click the + button to add the selected program and rank. Click the Finish button to add the selected program(s).)


To track employee check ins and check outs:

Ask the employee or instructor to enter their student ID in the Student Check In screen. (Here’s how to use the Student Check In screen.)

  • To check in, the employee will enter their ID number, tap Go, tap the Employee Check In program, and tap Check In.
  • To check out, the employee will enter their ID number, tap Go, tap the Employee Check Out program, and tap Check In.

To export an attendance report so you can view employee check in and check out days/times:

1. On the left panel, click Attendance and then click Attendance Log.

2. On the right side, under Search Attendances, select the date or date range you want to export:

    • Click the Preset drop-down list and select an option: Today, Yesterday, This Week, or This Month.
    • Click the Custom link. For Start and End, click the calendar icon, select the desired date on the calendar, and click OK.

3. After selecting the dates or time frames, click the Export to Excel button. A .csv file downloads.

The .csv file contains all check ins for the selected time frame. The file has headers for ID, First Name, Last Name, Attendance Date, Timestamp, Program Name, Rank, Days at Rank, Classes at Rank, and Attendance Award. You can use Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program) to open the file and view the check ins.