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Menu Structure


Kicksite is designed to help you run your business more efficiently. The following is a guide to Kicksite’s main menus and what they include.


Left Sidebar Menu:

  • Dashboard: Go to the Dashboard.
  • Prospects: View the prospects’ list or add a new prospect.
  • Students: View the Student list or add a new student; view or add a family.
  • Media Library: Add videos or documents to the library.
  • Attendance: Go the the Student Check-In screen, or check in students with Mass Check-In or the Attendance Log.
  • Communications: Go to the Communications page to send or create announcements.
  • Events: View or create general events or belt testing events.
  • BizBuilders: View or create Lead Capture Forms or Landing Pages.
  • Finances: View invoices or transactions, or create a new invoice or transaction.
  • Quick Links: Jump to a page within Kicksite.

Note: The sidebar can collapse to save space when you aren’t using it.


Main Screen Menu:

  • Dashboard: This is your home base; the dashboard helps keep you up-to-date with the health of your school.
  • Prospects: Add, archive, and manage all of the prospects in your system.
  • Students: Find your students, add promotions, manage families, and send invites to create student user profiles.
  • Memberships: Organize and update student and family memberships.
  • Finance: Create and manage your invoices.
  • Events: Add events and belt testing events.
  • Attendance: Track and log your students’ attendances.
  • Library: Add videos and documents for your students to access.

Top Right Menu:

  • Inventory: Manage your school’s inventory.
  • Employees: Add employees and manage their access.
  • Settings: Find and update all settings for your Kicksite system.
  • To Dos: Manage your school’s tasks and appointments.
  • My Info: Houses your username, password, and school email communications.
  • Help: Access the knowledge base and broadcasts.
  • Sign Out: Sign out of your account.

Top Left Menu:

  • Home: Find your way back to your dashboard.
  • Billing: Create and manage transactions, recurring billing, and vault items *Only available to customers who have opened a merchant provider account for billing.
  • Communications: Send announcements, set up automated messages, and create message flows.
  • Biz-Builders: Create profit plans, web integration, and allow prospects to sign up for trial accounts online.
  • Reports: Manage your business with our reports.
  • Maps: Generate a map to see where all of your students live.
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