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How to Create a Belt Testing Event

April 17, 2019

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One of the ways that Kicksite helps to make managing your school easier is through our Belt Test Events. A belt testing event allows you to select programs and ranks, invite eligible students to test, send event announcements, accept fee payments, control registration, and promote students all in one place.


To create a new Belt Testing Event:


  1. Go to your Events tab and select New Belt Test Event.

2. Give your event a title and description.

3. In the description, you can add images, hyperlinks and attachments.

*NOTE*: The title and description will be seen by the students when you send out your event announcements.

4. Select a Date for the event. You have the option to have a start and end date if this is a multi-day event.

5. Select a start time for this event.

6. Choose to add the ability to have the students register for the event online via an emailed link.

7. If you have billing set up through Kicksite, upon registering you can select from a dropdown to make the students testing fees not available, optional, or required.

8. Add in Judges information (Optional).

9. Select the programs and ranks that will be testing during this event.

  • The testing fees are set from the Testing Eligibility setting but can be adjusted for this specific event from this page prior to the creation of the event.

10. Choose to send Automated Reminders (see Automated Messaging) and Day Before Reminders.

11. Finally, create the event by clicking Create.

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