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Marketing Tools Overview


Marketing Tools (formerly BizBuilders) help you grow your business through Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms.

Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture Forms determine the information you collect from leads, and should be set up before creating a Landing Page. A template Lead Capture Form will already be in your system. By default, you’ll collect name, email address, and phone number.

To learn more about how to creating and customizing a Lead Capture Form, see this article.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are customizable forms built to collect leads. From a Landing Page, Prospects can:

  • Sign up for Programs and Memberships.
    • If your school has a Merchant Provider, prospects can enter Payment Methods (formerly Vaults) on Landing Pages and start paying you right away.
  • Fill out a Lead Capture Form to enter their contact information.
    • This makes them a profile in Kicksite.
  • Sign Agreements / waivers digitally.

To learn more about how to create a Landing Page, see this article.

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