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Step 5: Bring in New Students with BizBuilders


Kicksite has a useful tool to help you bring in new prospects: BizBuilders. You may want to start using BizBuilders early in your Kicksite journey, depending on your circumstances. For example, if your school is new, you may start using BizBuilders as soon as possible to help bring in new prospects. But even for established schools, you may find you need to be more active in encouraging new prospects to join, for example, if your school has grown enough to need a new location or you have expanded to offer new options.


First Steps

Before you start using BizBuilders, you will need to customize your programs, ranks, and memberships (as covered in the Step 1 article) so you’re ready to convert prospects to students. You will also want to have an agreement template added in Kicksite if you need to have prospects sign a waiver before participating in a trial class, and for the agreement they sign when they become a student (as covered in the Step 3 article). If you’d like to sell items or memberships through your BizBuilders, you will need to have billing set up first (as covered in the Step 4 article).


Set up BizBuilders

After you’re using Kicksite daily, you may be ready to start bringing in more prospects to become new students. A great way to do this is to use the BizBuilders feature:

  • Create a Lead Capture Form to enable prospects to fill in a simple web form on your website. You can collect a variety of information using this form. For example, a prospect can request to schedule a trial class or request more information about your school. When someone fills in the Lead Capture Form and submits it, the information they enter is brought into your Kicksite account as a new prospect.
  • Set up a Landing Page for more flexibility in gathering information from your prospects. Using a Landing Page, you can capture information by embedding a Lead Capture Form, and you can also enable a prospect to read and sign an agreement on the Landing Page. Not only can you embed a Landing Page on your website, but you can also easily share it by posting a link in your social media or email.
  • Nurture your new prospects by following the tips in the linked article.

Note: Kicksite also offers website services. If you have a website with Kicksite, the web development team can help you make the best use out of BizBuilders to bring in new prospects, and even to sell memberships or items using BizBuilders.


What’s Next?

Community and engagement will keep your school going strong. Check out events and the media library in Step 6.


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