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How to Add a Membership to a Student


Kicksite keeps the programs and memberships separated. Think of memberships as the time commitment or contract the student agreed to.


To add a membership to a student on the student profile:

1. Go to the student’s profile by using the Search field in the upper-right corner or by clicking the student’s name in the Student List.

2. On the Classic profile, click the Memberships tab. If you’re using the new Student Profile, click Memberships and then click the Add New button in the Memberships module. You will then go to the Classic Profile page with the Memberships tab selected.

3. Click the Add School Membership link.

​4. Select the membership from the Membership drop-down list.

5. By default, the membership option is Date. In this case, you select a Start Date and End Date using the month, day, and year drop-down lists. (If the membership is a month-by-month membership, select an End Date several years out to avoid having to update the membership every month.)

If the membership is by a number of attendances (for example, a 10-class package), select the Attendance option. Select the program from the Select a Program drop-down list, and then type the number of attendances in the Total Attendances field.

6. Click the Add School Membership button.

To view expired/expiring memberships:

Students with expired memberships or soon to expire memberships are visible on the dashboard. (Note: Depending on whether you’ve customized the order of modules shown on the dashboard, you may need to scroll down or click the Memberships tab to find the Soon To Expire or Expired memberships modules.) Another module that may be helpful is the No Active memberships module, which shows student who have no membership attached.

On a module, you can click the View All button to see all memberships for that module. Click a student’s name on the dashboard module to go to that student’s profile. From the profile, you can edit the membership (in much the same way as you add the membership) or add a new membership.