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Martial arts can help students better manage feelings of anger.

Martial arts helps student with autism manage anger

People decide to enroll in martial arts classes for a variety of reasons.

A martial arts master in Canada is preparing to tear down a house using only his hands.

Martial Artist Demolishes House with His Hands

Studying various disciplines can drive people to try amazing feats that they may not have attempted prior to taking self-defense classes.

Even seniors can perform martial arts.

Martial arts let seniors choose their pathway to health

Aging might mean contending with injuries and aches, but it certainly doesn’t remove the possibility of physical fitness and well-being.

Martial arts helps instill a sense of confidence and self-worth in those looking to become better people.

Martial arts helps students grow physically and mentally

When most people think of martial arts, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to win a fight.

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Allow children to experience the benefits of martial arts

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CM Punk, former WWE heavyweight champion, will make his UFC debut in 2015.

CM Punk trains in jiujitsu, prepares for MMA career

Mixed martial arts have become a growing phenomenon in the U.S.

There is much debate on how old a child should be to begin taking martial arts classes.

Age is just a number in martial arts training

Generally speaking, martial arts schools train students of all ages in karate, taekwondo and other self-defense disciplines.

Martial arts provides many more benefits beyond teaching students to fight.

Martial arts teaches discipline, character and enriches lives

In a vacuum, it’s easy to say that the primary benefit is to help you win a fight in the event you’re threatened with physical harm. However, true practitioners of disciplines such as karate and taekwondo take a more holistic approach to mastering these forms of self-defense.

Volunteering and participating in community service events is a great way to grow a martial arts school.

Using volunteerism and community service to grow martial arts schools

Generally speaking, given the popularity of martial arts and the fact that there are always people interested in learning how to master taekwondo and karate, owners of schools may take the importance of marketing for granted.

Kobe Bryant adopted elements of Jeet Kune Do into his basketball training.

How Bruce Lee influenced Kobe Bryant

Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge.

A martial arts school will only be as good as the training plan developed by instructors before classes are even taught.

Martial Arts Training Plan

Martial arts training can be fun for both students and the instructor.