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Martial arts students can use visualization strategies to improve their performance.

Why Martial Arts Students Should Visualize Their Achievements

What if martial arts students could visualize themselves earning the next belt and experiencing the feelings associated with this achievement?

A consistent exercise regimen helps children maintain a healthy weight.

How martial arts helps prevent diabetes

Diabetes in U.S. children is a growing epidemic.

Students set goals and learn how to accomplish them in martial arts classes.

Students learn perseverance in martial arts

Perseverance is an invaluable character trait.

Martial arts training can help kids get more exercise.

Boost Fitness with Martial Arts Training

Martial arts could be key to improving childhood fitness.

Try business process automation software to improve productivity.

Martial Arts Management Software Speeds Up Processes

Is your martial arts management software allowing your instructors to spend more time preparing for class and less time on their computers?

Police officers should take part in martial arts classes.

Martial arts give police officers a reason to be more active

Not only can martial arts training be a good idea for law enforcement officers who want to be able to defend themselves during hand-to-hand combat, but it can also be a decision that can have a positive impact on their health.

Older siblings must form strong bonds with their younger brothers and sisters.

Sibling relationships are more important than once perceived

The only child in a family is often accustomed to getting all the attention from their parents, but once another kid comes along, parents have to split their time with children.

Aggressive children can learn to deal with their issues by taking martial arts classes.

Can Children With Aggression Issues Turn To Martial Arts?

It has been well-documented that the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States produce some of the most aggressive children, and now a new study has found the same goes for other countries throughout the world.

Martial arts instructors must continue to change up their classes.

3 Instructor Tips for Better Martial Arts Classes

For many children, learning martial arts is about the experience as much as it is acquiring advanced self-defense skills.

Martial arts classes are a great way to get children to be active.

Get Children Off Their Phones and Into Martial Arts Classes

During the holidays, many children receive computers, tablets and smartphones as gifts that they can use to access the Internet, where they can find all sorts of information.

Reach out to students with a nice birthday greeting.

How to Connect with Martial Arts Students On Their Birthdays

Martial arts school owners share a different relationship with their customers than leaders of other businesses.

Young students can be heavily influenced by their instructors.

Using the Right Teaching Methods Can Improve Tae Kwon Do Instruction

Tae Kwon Do instructors will often have to deal with young children, and their interactions with students can be critical in their ability to master the tenets of martial arts.