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Martial arts can be a healthy outlet for returning war veterans.

Martial arts can help those with PTSD

Practicing martial arts can help those with PTSD both mentally and physically.

Montano's students gathered outside of his house to demonstrate their support for him in his fight against cancer.

Taekwondo Instructor Fighting Cancer is Honored by His Students

Taekwondo instructor Barney Montano, who is fighting cancer, was honored by his students.

Sue Ward used kickboxing as a healthy outlet when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sue Ward used martial arts to kick cancer to the curb

Sue Ward found support through martial arts in her fight against cancer.

Martial arts training is more than just mastery of a physical discipline. There are mental health benefits as well.

The holistic benefits of martial arts

Many of the popular martial arts disciplines that students practice today will certainly provide a set of physical advantages that people will enjoy learning to master.

Even seniors can perform martial arts.

Martial arts let seniors choose their pathway to health

Aging might mean contending with injuries and aches, but it certainly doesn’t remove the possibility of physical fitness and well-being.

Martial arts helps instill a sense of confidence and self-worth in those looking to become better people.

Martial arts helps students grow physically and mentally

When most people think of martial arts, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to win a fight.

kicksite benefits of martial arts for kids

Allow children to experience the benefits of martial arts

Your young child is looking for a fun way to exercise, but isn’t interested in some of the more traditional…

Martial arts training can help those who play football become better.

Martial Arts Can Help Football Players Become Better

At the surface, the correlation between martial arts disciplines – such as karate or taekwondo – and football is difficult to grasp.

Martial students who practice mindfulness perform better.

Why Martial Arts Students Should Practice Mindfulness

Moments before martial arts students step onto the mat for testing day, their hearts beat faster, butterflies flutter in their stomachs and they feel the adrenaline rush their veins.

A consistent exercise regimen helps children maintain a healthy weight.

How martial arts helps prevent diabetes

Diabetes in U.S. children is a growing epidemic.

Martial arts training can help kids get more exercise.

Boost Fitness with Martial Arts Training

Martial arts could be key to improving childhood fitness.

Police officers should take part in martial arts classes.

Martial arts give police officers a reason to be more active

Not only can martial arts training be a good idea for law enforcement officers who want to be able to defend themselves during hand-to-hand combat, but it can also be a decision that can have a positive impact on their health.