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Grammy award with martial arts belt

7 Grammy-nominated musicians with ties to martial arts

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards are upon us, taking place on Sunday, April 3rd. Though they’ll be celebrated for their…

Batman symbol with Kicksite martial arts icon

How Much Martial Arts Experience Does Batman Have?

Batman (or should we say Vengeance?) has emerged from the shadows once again with the release of the newest film…

6 Celebrities You Didn't Know Train Martial Arts - Kicksite

6 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Train in Martial Arts

  Martial arts dates back thousands of years in various cultures, and it’s still common practice for people all over…

young teenager playing Fortnite.

The Surprising Similarities Between Fortnite and BJJ

  Fortnite Battle Royale is by far the most popular video game right now, so chances are, you’ve heard plenty…

'The Martial Arts Kid' fights back against bullies.

New film ‘The Martial Arts Kid’ focuses on anti-bullying

New film “The Martial Arts Kid” is a family friendly movie that fights bullying.

Martial arts have value for athletes in other sports, too.

6 professional athletes who train in martial arts

Many professional athletes who play other sports train in martial arts so they can improve both their athletic performance and mental fortitude.

Even comedic actors have taken a liking to martial arts.

Four funny guys who practice martial arts

Some comedic actors are becoming passionate about martial arts as a hobby.

Martial arts have always been popular in movies.

8 Martial Arts Movies from 2000 and on That You Need to See

Here is a list of films made from the year 2000 and on that are worth checking out for yourself if you like martial arts

Martial arts is helping actress Gal Gadot prepare for her role as Wonder Woman.

Actress Gal Gadot Uses Martial Arts To Prepare For Upcoming Film

If you were an actor, how would you get in shape to play the role of a superhero? If you were Gal Gadot, you’d learn martial arts.

Kobe Bryant adopted elements of Jeet Kune Do into his basketball training.

How Bruce Lee influenced Kobe Bryant

Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge.