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Kicksite Programs Uplift | February 2024

February 26, 2024

The Kicksite team is excited to release our latest software uplift: Programs. This is far more than just a visual upgrade, though. With this update, we’ve created a new Programs hub within the software that gives you a more streamlined and consolidated way to view and manage ranks and promotions for all of your programs. Within Programs there are three key pages:

Ranks Overview: A holistic view of your school’s Program layout

Eligible to Promote: An actionable list of students who are ready to rank up

Promotions: A snapshot of your students’ full promotion history

Uplifted Kicksite Programs section with Promotions tab highlighted and list of student names

Here are some top-level highlights of what you can look forward to with this change.


Programs now has its own dedicated section within the left sidebar navigation of your Kicksite software. In the Programs navigation dropdown you’ll find direct links to your school’s Ranks Overview, Eligible to Promote, and Promotions. As always, you can also use the Quick Links tool to search for these respective pages and access them there.

Kicksite left navigation menu with Programs highlighted and dropdown opened


One of the main goals of this uplift was to reduce the amount of clicking around and having to navigate separate pages in order to manage your students’ ranks. Now, within Programs, you’ll have top menu tabs for Ranks Overview, Eligible to Promote, and Promotions, so you can easily jump between these related sections.

As you dive further into each tab, you’ll notice other improvements related to navigation and management. Within Ranks Overview, you can quickly expand or collapse program sections to customize your view of ranks. You also have select Program editing capabilities from this screen, including the ability to add or remove connected memberships, and adjust attendance minimums or attendance limits.

Animation of expanding and collapsing program box


On the Eligible to Promote tab, you once again have expandable/collapsible program sections with lists of all students that have met promotion criteria. You can quickly see their current rank, last promotion date, number of days at rank, and number of classes at rank. The program titles are also clickable, and will navigate you to that program’s respective Programs Settings page. 

Animation of clicking into Program title to access settings page


Meanwhile, under Promotions, you can view the full Promotion History for your students. To make this even easier to manage and customize your view, we have incorporated helpful filters. You can filter the list of past promotions by student status (active, inactive, frozen), program, and even set start and end dates to view past promotions within a specific timeframe.

Animation showing program filtering on Promotions page


Finally, what’s a ranks and promotions section without the ability to promote students? It doesn’t get much easier than this: you can promote students with a single click. When you hit the up arrow icon that corresponds with a student, they’ll be instantly promoted to the next rank. Accidentally promote someone when you weren’t quite ready to? No worries! An ‘Undo’ button will appear upon promoting a student, just in case you need to revert them to their current rank. The Undo button will stay visible until you refresh or navigate away from this page. 

Animation showing one click promotion and undo process

We’re incredibly excited for this Programs uplift, and it’s rolling out to Kicksite customers as we speak! Keep an eye out for these changes the next time you log in to your software, and check out our Knowledge Base articles for more in-depth guides on using these tools to the fullest:

How to Create or Edit Programs

How to use the Programs section (Ranks Overview, Eligible to Promote, Promotions)

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have along the way. Look for the blue ‘Contact Support’ button within the software to ask our support team a question or report any issues you encounter. 

The Kicksite team is proud to partner with you to make your business better, and we are always working hard to provide you with the best software possible. We have more exciting innovations coming soon, so stay tuned for further product updates!