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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract with Kicksite?

No. Kicksite is a month-month service. We do ask for a 30-day cancellation notice, but we do not require you to sign a contract.

Is a web-based system secure?

Definitely. Your Kicksite account requires a case sensitive username and password by the administrator, employees and students to access their respective accounts. Kicksite uses standard industry encryption and best practices, keeping your information secure at all times.

Can I link my website to my Kicksite account?

You can integrate web forms created in your Kicksite system with your website to capture and nurture leads seamlessly. To learn more about how to implement this strategy, please watch the video below.

Can I use my current payment processing company?

If you’d like to keep your current payment processing company, you can track these transactions using Kicksite’s invoicing and recurring invoicing features. By recording invoices in your Kicksite system, you are still able to pull financial reports on your transactions even through you’re processing these payments elsewhere.

To take full advantage of Kicksite’s all-in-one system, we do recommend using our preferred merchant payer, Solupay. After establishing a merchant account with Solupay, you can run transactions and set up recurring billing to collect your students’ tuition right from your Kicksite account. Using Solupay allows us to provide you with the highest customer service by tending to any questions quickly and efficiently.

Can I add my students’ attendance history?

After establishing your Kicksite account, you are welcome to enter past attendance records for your students using the Kicksite attendance log. You can view these past attendances as well as any new attendances logged in the Attendance tab of each student’s profile.

Can I track a student’s attendance for multiple programs?

Of course! Not only can you add as many programs as you offer into your Kicksite account, you can attach several programs to each student. For example, you can attach a student to an Adult TKD program and also to a Kickboxing program to track attendances separately, but simultaneously, for each program.

Is text messaging an additional cost?

No. Kicksite’s features are never a la carte, so there is never any additional cost for functionality. Any time we add a new feature or enhance an existing one, you can gain full access.

Can I add new programs and/or ranks to my account after it’s established?

Yes! You can definitely add new programs and ranks to your system. You always have access to add this information yourself, but we are also more than happy to do this for you. Just give us a call at 877-372-7950 or email a list of what you would like added to

What do my students have access to?

The administrator on your Kicksite account has the ability to set restrictions on each student’s user account. Students can be granted access to view their attendances, documents, events, invoices, memberships, messages, payments, social networking, and videos.

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