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2024 Software Pricing Adjustment

Today we’re announcing changes to Kicksite’s software pricing structure for existing customers. This update includes a brand-new pricing tier for small schools and rate increases for higher tiers in an effort to maintain consistency with the pricing that we have been offering new Kicksite customers for well over a year. 

Since Kicksite first launched in 2007, we have been solely dedicated to the martial arts industry and making businesses better. Over those 17 years, many Kicksite customers have not seen any change in their software pricing. Meanwhile, as a small family-owned business, we’ve seen many changes: increased operating costs, a growing staff to ensure continued innovation and top-notch support, and a constant evolution in the needs of martial arts school owners and instructors. 

Effective 3/1/2024, Kicksite’s pricing structure will be adjusted to the following:

Grids reflecting pricing updates


Why is the price going up for most schools? 

As mentioned above, Kicksite has seen a number of changes over the course of 17 years, across many areas:

Outline of changes in software, support, services and staff

Building a product is one thing, but building a company takes time. Kicksite is determined to not only maintain our status as best-in-class martial arts software, but also to offer top-notch service and a great place for our employees to work. As we evaluate the past and look towards the future, ensuring that we can deliver this innovation, growth and culture means increased operating and staffing costs for our business. 

We are proud to be small, independent and family-owned, and plan to stay that way.


Is pricing for website services changing too?

There is no change to website services pricing as part of this adjustment. 


If I sign(ed) up for Kicksite between 1/1/23 and 3/1/24, does this affect me?

Nope! This pricing structure was put into place for new customers at the start of 2023, so your subscription is already based on these updated tiers.


If I currently have 0-25 students, does this mean my cost is going down?

Yes. Schools that are currently in the 0-25 student range will see their immediate monthly cost go from $79 to $49. For eligible schools, we will automatically make that adjustment in tandem with the rollout of this new pricing structure.

Please note: In the future, if you believe you are eligible for a subscription downgrade, you will need to make that change manually through your Kicksite software. 


How can I see what pricing tier I’m in and if I’m eligible to change it?

At any time, you can view the following information in your Kicksite account:

  • Current subscription plan
  • Next billing date
  • Current student usage and availability

To access, click your name in the top right corner of the software, then click Account Billing. At the top of the page under Kicksite Subscription Settings, you’ll see this information as well as a CHOOSE PLAN option. If you click CHOOSE PLAN, you’ll see your current subscription and buttons allowing you to upgrade or downgrade (if eligible based on student usage) your subscription level.



Screenshot of subscription settings in Kicksite

Does Kicksite offer any sort of discounted annual pricing options?

We sure do! Annual pricing was also introduced for new customers in 2023, but we’re happy to offer it as an option for existing customers with this new pricing structure. You can save up to 17% by paying in full, and your cost is locked in for 12 months even if your school grows during that time period. 

Kicksite Annual Pricing Grid


Can I pay in full at the pre-2023 option before the pricing changes? 

Unfortunately, we will not be honoring annual pricing agreement requests at the previous pricing structure.


Will I be locked into my new rate?

Kicksite will now offer two pricing and payment options: monthly and annual. When using the monthly payment option, you are not locked into a rate, as it is variable based on your total number of students. However, when taking advantage of the annual pricing and one-time payment option, you will be locked into a discounted rate for 12 months (see chart above).