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New Finances: How to Pay an Open Invoice


This article covers the new, uplifted finances, which is currently only available to select customers.

If you’re just getting started with finances in Kicksite, we recommend that you review Finances settings.

What do you need to do?


If a student has one or more open invoices (that they haven’t paid or have only partially paid) or past due invoices, you can take a payment for the open balance on one or more invoices to get the student caught up on their payments.


How to pay open or past due invoice(s)

You can take a payment for part or the total balance of open or past due invoices from the student’s profile page or from the Finances page.

1. From the student’s profile: Find the invoice in the Finances module – it can be in Open or Past Due status – and click the Pay icon. From the Finances page: Make sure you’re on the Invoices tab and then click the Open tab or Past Due tab. Find the invoice. Click the Pay icon.

Alternatively, if you want to review the invoice, you can click the Invoice ID number; when you’re ready to pay the invoice, click the Pay button on the invoice. (See the left screenshot below.)

If the student has more than one open or past due invoice, on the profile page, click the Pay Open Balance button at the top of the Finances module. You can then collect payment for all unpaid invoices. (See the right screenshot below.)

The rest of the steps are the same, whether you started from the student’s profile or from the Finances page.

2. (Optional) If you’re taking a partial payment, enter the amount paid in the Payment Amount field. (The default is to pay the full balance of the invoice.)

3. Click the Choose Payment button.

4. Click the Payment Method drop-down list and select the desired option. If you chose Credit Card and the student has more than one Payment Method saved, select the correct card. (Note: If you do not process payments with Kicksite, you can choose a Payment Type, but you will not be able to add or select a Payment Method, or charge the invoice to a card or ACH.)

5. Click the Pay Now button.

If the student pays the full amount, the invoice changes to Closed status. If the student makes a partial payment, the invoice remains in Open status.

If the student has multiple open or past due invoices and makes a partial payment, the partial payment will be applied to the oldest invoice first, then the next oldest, and so on. See the screenshot on the right, above: The $50 payment will fully pay and close the four oldest invoices (in green) and partially pay the last invoice, leaving it open with a $5.95 balance (in yellow).