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A beginner’s guide to writing SEO-friendly blogs for a martial arts website

March 19, 2024

Blogs are one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website, and also one of the least expensive techniques. The more content martial arts schools publish, the more likely potential students are to find them. While school owners may not think they have time to blog in addition to running their facilities, blogging does not require an extensive time commitment. School owners have a wealth of information, and they can establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry by blogging regularly. They can discuss the benefits of martial arts, interesting news or opportunities for competitions.



Kicksite is proud to offer an all-in-one solution for our customers. This includes building a website that is integrated with the Kicksite software! We happily update your website whenever you want changes to the schedule, instructors, and blog posts. You can reach out to to make updates to your website. Now’s the time to align your business, show off your expertise in martial arts, and provide knowledgeable resources to the community. This by no means needs to be a daily or even weekly occurrence. It can be monthly blogs about competitive updates, featuring an instructor, or discussing events within the community.



Writing relevant content that is valuable to viewers can improve search rankings. Increased traffic to the website will send a positive signal to search engines that visitors are finding the page useful, so the blog may appear higher in the results. Ultimately, this makes it easier for interested students to locate a martial arts school and enroll in classes.

To write a blog post that will improve your SEO there are two simple things to do: utilize keywords and link your sources. Utilizing keywords such as, “martial arts school” or “self-defense classes” is a simple way to increase your website’s traffic. Schools including relevant keywords in their content will be more likely to show up when potential customers are performing internet searches. The wider of variety keywords, the better.

Alternatively, link your sources, partnerships, and whatever else you can within your blogs. This creates backlinks to improve your website’s credibility and discoverability.



Since it can be difficult to attract readers to a blog, martial arts schools can leverage other tools to promote content and attract prospects, and engage current students. After publishing a blog post, martial arts schools should make a post with a link on Facebook and Twitter. If the school has social media followers, it’s a great way to attract more attention to the blog.

Conversely, the blog can be used to attract more Twitter or Facebook followers. Blog posts can include links to social media profiles to make it easy for prospective students to follow on multiple platforms. People who find the blog in search engine results may not be aware of the martial arts school’s social media presence.