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Omicron Surging… Methods For You And Your Students To Stay Healthy

For our next webinar, we will be discussing nutrition and wellness, and how you can make specific changes to help your body fight against the surging Omicron variant. Using research and data from multiple nutritionist, fitness professionals, and human anatomy and physiology experts, the Kicksite team will provide insight into the facts behind this timely topic.

Key Speaker: Mike Selck

Mike is a tenured member of the Kicksite sales team, but has vast experience in the fitness and health industry. Prior to Kicksite, he was the general manager of a supplement and wellness store in Kansas city. Mike has two certifications, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and FNS (Fitness Nutritional Specialist), and has worked along some of the top experts in the Kansas City area. He has extensive knowledge in the fitness and health industry, and is a Professional IPE Body Building competitor.


A few highlights of the webinar

  • Skip to 6:20 Speaker Introduction
  • Skip to 11:45 Nutrition Introduction (fighting Omicron and other illness)
  • Skip to 26:00 Macro and Micronutrients 
  • Skip to 32:00 Exercise 
  • Skip to 45:00 Mental Health Focus

We also included a link to our resources page, where you can check out all of our content and past webinars that are strictly dedicated to helping martial arts business owners. 

Webinar Slide Deck

Resources for business owners