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New Year, New School: 5 Secrets for Starting a New Business

Nick and Catherine Mitria, owners of Pure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, located in Chicago Illinois, join the Kicksite team to discuss 5 secrets for starting a new business.


Nick and Catherine opened their business, Pure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in November of 2021, and in just over a year, they have grown to over 140 members considering these 5 topics. Catherine is a world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has spent many years training with the best in the world. Nick is the owner of BJJ tees, and has spent many years training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu himself.



A few highlights of the webinar:

  • Skip to 5:35 Creating a business plan
  • Skip to 13:30 Location, Location, Location
  • Skip to 23:10 Perfect your product
  • Skip to 40:00 Embrace marketing tools
  • Skip to 54:15 Get to networking
  • Skip to 58:30 Live Q/A


We also included a link to our resources page, where you can check out all of our content and past webinars that are strictly dedicated to helping martial arts business owners.


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