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Mastering Curriculum to Maximize Profitability | Recorded Webinar

Creating a curriculum for your martial arts school can be challenging. We hear from a lot of school owners that they don’t know where to start when creating their own curriculum, or how they can implement it. Curriculum is a great thing for schools, because it can provide so much value to your students and your business. Are you struggling with trying to come up with your own curriculum? Or maybe you have your own curriculum, but want to learn how to deliver it better? We have got you covered! Mr. Shane Tassoul, successful school owner and Elite Consultant for Martial Arts Industry Association, will provide valuable information for creating, delivering, and how to maximize your profits through curriculum.

This webinar will provide:

  • Insight into martial arts curriculum
  • How to deliver your curriculum
  • The business side of curriculum (how to maximize profit and retention)
  • How to work your schedule for your curriculum
  • Live Q/A session with Mr. Tassoul