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Kicksite’s New Memberships Workshop (How to Sell Memberships Online In 2022)

In this Kicksite Webinar, sales team member Mike Selck, will be walking you through the latest update to Kicksite- memberships and programs. This new uplift will be extremely beneficial to your business, because it allows you to sign up new members online, in less than a couple of minutes! We see it all the time, prospects leave without signing up because there is too long of a line. Well not anymore! With this new memberships update, you will be able to have a prospect sign up on a tablet, computer, or phone within only a couple of minutes! Make sure to download this webinar to learn how to take advantage of this feature today.
This webinar will cover:
  • How to navigate the new Kicksite membership uplift
  • How you can create and use the programs, memberships, and lead capture forms
  • Signing up new members in minutes

To help save some time, here is a quick breakdown of some key points for you to skip to:

  • Skip to 10:30 Background into the evolution of consumer behavior
  • Skip to 16:10 Full memberships
  • Skip to 22:30 How to sell memberships online through Kicksite (setting up programs)
  • Skip to 29:30 Setting up memberships in Kicksite 
  • Skip to 37:10 Adding in an agreement or waiver
  • Skip to 40:20 Creating a lead capture form 
  • Skip to 42:35 Creating your landing page

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