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Kicksite Year In Review & What’s to come in 2022

For our next webinar, Kicksite’s Product Owner Brice Washam, and Lead Software Developer Ryan Troxler, will be joining us to go over a year in review of Kicksite for 2021. There have been many changes to the Kicksite platform this year, and we are excited to review them with you. In addition, we will be getting a look into what updates are to come in 2022!
This webinar will cover:
  • A comprehensive review of our updates within the past year
  • Software updates released in 2021 such as Memberships, Biz Builders, Prospect and Student Profiles, Calendar, and much more
  • What’s to come in 2022

Webinar Time Stamps:

6:00 – Evolution of Kicksite Team


11:05 – 2021 Key Application Updates

14:20 – Dashboard & Nav Revisions

23:20 – BizBuilder Enhancements

27:20 – Memberships Uplift

31:24 – PLatform Updates

34:40 – 2022 Key Application Updates

36:45 – Scheduler

43:30 – Mobile Experience

46:45 – Memberships Enhancements

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