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7 Steps To Mastering Student Retention in 2021 | Live Webinar

Summer is coming, COVID restrictions and mask mandates are starting to lift, and students are either already back training, or about ready to. With that being said, as a martial arts business owner, you need to have a plan to keep your students. That, my friends, is called retention. Retention is a word we hear often in the martial arts industry, and rightfully so. It is one of the most important factors in building a long standing and successful school.

Student retention can be challenging, but don’t worry. In our latest webinar, Kicksite and David Clifton, owner of American Sport Karate Centers in Shawnee KS, and writer for Black Belt Magazine, will go over 7 key steps you should follow to Master Student Retention In 2021.


David will discuss:

  • Martial arts and student retention
  • Best Practices
  • 7 specific steps to effectively retain students
  • The purposes behind those 7 steps
  • Much more


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