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6 Secrets From Harvard Research to Turn Leads Into Students

Are you getting more leads in 2021 compared to 2020? The majority of martial arts business owners that talk to continue to tell us that this year, specifically this summer, is a little bit different than most. The truth is, school owners are seeing a big increase in leads flooding in this summer.

So how are you managing those leads? Are you getting notified when they come in? Do you have a system in place to effectively manage and groom those leads? If you struggle to answer these questions, don’t worry. According to Harvard research, there are 6 critical secrets that you must follow in order to manage leads to the best of your ability, and convert those leads into students.

This webinar will provide:

    • Introduction into the Harvard research topics
    • Deficiencies in most lead follow up
    • Ideal response time
    • Best days and times for effective lead follow up
    • Tools you need to manage leads
    • Live Q/A