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Atlanta's United Taekwondo Martial Arts Logo

Curtis Mast

  “Hi, my name is Luciano Medina, master instructor. I’m the president for the state of Illinois and also I’m…

Luciano Medina posing in Gi Uniform

Luciano Medina

  Video Transcript:  “Hi, my name is Luciano Medina, master instructor. I’m the president for Champion Taekwondo and for the…

Tanya Panizzo Headshot

Tanya Panizzo

“It’s been one of the best things we’ve done for the gym.” -Tanya Panizzo, Manager at Midwest Taekwondo    …

John Emmons Taekwondo Academy logo

John Emmons

Meet John Emmons! He is the owner at John Emmons Taekwondo Academies of central Florida and loves using Kicksite as…

Mother and sun at martial arts event

Ann Cheon

  Video Transcript: “Hi, my name is Ann, I’m the event coordinator for the International Taekwondo Festival 2012. My school…

Cole Bailey Headshot

Cole Bailey

Kicksite absolutely blew me away. It is a phenomenal tool and the people are great to work with.”    …

Brain Davidson after a fight

Brian Davidson

Kicksite has changed our business quite a bit. I can send emails to my whole student group in a snap!”…

David Vincent’s Martial Arts & Fitness logo

Sarah Bailey

Meet Sarah Bailey! She is a program director at David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One…