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Grandmaster Rick Hall

Grandmaster Rick Hall

My name is Grandmaster Rick Hall and I have been operating my martial arts academy in Chattanooga, TN for twenty…

Koera Taekwondo Academy logo

Garth A. Cooley

I have successfully owned and operated my do-jang for nearly two decades. Throughout the years, I incorporated different organized systems…

Jim Wade Headshot

Jim Wade

My greatest surprise came after our schools first testing. It was convenient and professional to create testing events, invite the…

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Tacoma Logo

Michael Proctor

Kicksite does so much for my business I can’t imagine life without it. From student retention to memberships and automatic…

Lesley Casey Headshot

Lesley Casey

After trying many other programs Kick Site is the first one that actually met our needs and exceeded our expectations….

Robert Bentley Headshot

Robert Bentley

We chose Kicksite for a couple specific reasons. It’s customizable to our needs. As an ATA school that teaches other…

Master Jay Lee

Master Jay Lee

Our schools have been in Colorado Springs, CO since 1986. We have grown to 4 locations with over 1,000 active…

Raymond Lumampao

Raymond Lumampao

100 words are not enough!!!! I have been in business for over 20 years and used plenty of software programs….

David Perreault

David Perreault

You know how it is. Someone is always trying to sell you something. Sometimes it pays to listen. Unfortunately you…

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Master L. Hilderbrand

We recently did a trial with Kicksite and were amazed. In twenty years I’ve been through a lot of programs…

Renshi Jamie Palmer

Renshi Jamie Palmer

Kicksite has truly helped take my business to the next level! We began using Kicksite with approximately 125 students and…

Bobby Lindamood

Bobby Lindamood

Kicksite has greatly improved my signups for promotional testing. Prior to using Kicksite, we used various Excel worksheets and tons…