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Sarah Bailey

Program Director, David Vincent’s Martial Arts & Fitness (Baton Rouge, LA)

Meet Sarah Bailey! She is a program director at David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of the reason she loved switching to Kicksite is the time and money saved. Whether it’s the automated emails and texts that remind her students about renewing their membership, wishing them a happy birthday or sending them an alert that they miss having them in class. Check out this video to hear more!



Video Transcript: 

“Hi! I’m Sarah Bailey, program director for David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Vincent has been operating martial arts schools in the Baton Rouge area since 1993, and is also the current president for the organization Taekwondo United. Our school management system has been an evolution from pen and paper, through a couple different software systems, and now onto Kicksite. 

As a small business manager, the one thing I’m always short of is time. Kicksite has literally added time to my day. It automatically sends emails to students that need to renew a membership, have a birthday coming up, or haven’t been in class in a couple days. Kicksite can also automatically post to your school’s Facebook page, or even better, it can post a message from our school to our students’ Facebook page. So it can say “Happy birthday from David Vicent’s Martial Arts and Fitness,” or “Congratulations on your last testing!”

The other thing Kicksite has done for us is made our attendance tracking super easy, as well as super fun for our students. Students check in on the computer or iPad when they come to class, and then Kicksite emails me weekly tracking information. Students can earn virtual awards for the number of classes they attend each month. So they can earn a gold medal for coming to X number of classes, or a silver medal, or a bronze. I can definitely go on and on about the benefits of Kicksite, but like I said earlier, there’s always something to be done around here. Thanks Kicksite!”